WM 912

Audio mixer

WM 912 is a 9 input mixer with compact design (1 HU rack).

Its input channels number( 9 channels) with selector of MIC/LINE source( some with selectable priority), 4 ring tones and remote PTT, make it perfect for sound and announcements in places like schools, hospitals or shopping centers. Also, the possibility of supplying the unit with 24V DC allows fit it into a installation with power supply

WM 912 features 2 master outputs to which the signal can be sent from each input or both simultaneously, simply acting on each input switch. A multi-zone system is thus created with one preamp and mixing device.


Club Touring

Mixer 1RU 19 "9 inputs.
Phantom power on mic.
2-band EQ on each output.ç
3 channels of microphone with priority.
Master outputs selected by input signal (L, L + R, R).
Recording output.
LED VU meter.
24 V DC auxiliary supply.

Inputs: 4 MIC (XLR3 bal.) + 4 MIC / LINE (XLR3 bal / RCA unbal..) + 1 PTT (DIN).
Outputs: Master L / R + (XLR3 bal.) + REC (RCA unbal.).
Power supply: 230V AC 24V DC.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 200 mm.
Weight: 4.1 kg.


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