Rack of dimmers

This rack of dimmers based on the D 66 K3 model has been designed for almost any touring applications and rental companies, being perfect for live shows.

TOURDIM 48 has four D 66 K3 dimmers that provides 48 dimming channels up to 16A each one. Incorporates independent circuit breaker for each channel. All its channels and the response curve are patchable. The system comes internally wired and each channel output placed on the rear panel are made with a doble connection by 16 pins Harting connectors. Likewise DMX control signal placed at the rear panel allows to connect the unit to any network through its input connection and LINK.

The power sumply connection (3P+N+E) are made by 400A Powerlock connectors.

Each dimmer is protected by his own circuit breaker for residual current (3P+N).

All system comes into a 20 HU 19" rack with internal antishock frame .Both sides have integrated vents for the proper cooling of the
dimmers.Its transport wheels( 2 of them with antiblock) make the displacement of the rack effortless.


48 channels of 16 A with independent circuit breakers (1P+N).
Each block of 12 channels has its own circuit breaker for residual current.
Powerlock connector of 400 A for supply.
16 pin multi-connector for output channels.
XLR5 Pin connector (bypass) on rear panel for inputs and outputs.
Cooling system on the side of the rack.
LED indicators for the output level of each channel.
16x2 character LCD display.
Patchable response curves: linear, quadratic, quadratic inverse, On/Off.
Preheat level on each channel.
Slow start (4 seconds) to avoid circuitbreak.
Auto-adjustment of the Power frequencybetween 47 and 63 Hz.
Software available in Spanish, English, German and French.