LED projector

This LED projector is made up of 18 LEDs of 1W each one divided into the primary colours RGB and white. Its compact size and high power make it appropriate for indoor installations, offering a bright lighting and every possibility to create diverse effects.

SUPERPARLED ECO has several working modes: DMX, with 6 channels and differents functions to control. Besides, it adds 29 programs that can be triggered manually as well as by DMX. It is also possible to control the execution speed. Thanks to the microphone which includes, these programs can be triggered by the audio received. The configuration and working modes can be selected from an interface localted at the rear panel. This interface integrates buttons to search into the menu and the display to show the current function.


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Number of LEDs: 18 LEDs 1W c.u. (6R + 4G + 4B + 4W).
Control: DMX, AUTO, Master/Slave, Audio.
DMX Channels: 8.
Preset programs: 29 programs + 4 of audio
Beam angle: 120°.
Main supply:AC 85 - 265V 50/60 Hz.
Consumption: 24W.
Dimensions:210 x 200 x 100 mm.
Weight:1,5 kg.