LED projector

SUPERPARLED 336 is a powerful projector that includes 36 LEDs of 3W each one, divided into the three primary colours R, G and B. It ensures an stunning lighting because of its powerful light. Thanks to its metal chassis, it is easy to integrate it in any installation. It has different working modes: DMX (up to 7 channels), Audio, Auto and configuration of the value of each primary colour. It is perfect suitable for clubs, with professional results.


Club Touring

Number of LEDs: 36 LEDs x 3W (12R, 12G, 12B).
Control: DMX, Auto, Audio, RGB.
DMX channels: 1/2/3/7 channels.
Beam angle: 25°.
Consumption: 165W.
Main supply: 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz.
Dimensions: 276 x 260 x 475 mm.
Weight: 4,5 kg.