RGBW LED Projector

This 9 LEDs projector of 10W everyone, integrates 4 colours (RGBW) in the same LED to create a mix from an unique point and obtains a better colour.

Is possible control the device in different ways, all of them from the rear control interface: manual mode, executing programs automatically, different strobe effects or along the microphone that has the unity and also using DMX.
If the device is controlled via DMX, SUPERMULTIPARLED 108/4i has 8 channels to control the brightness of every colour, strobe or the integrated programs.
The cabinet is IP65 high protection, allowing to be installed in exterior applications as terraces, open air stages, gardens etc.
9 LEDs RGBW Projector of 10W e.o.
Beam angle: 25°.
Control mode: Manual, program, strobe, audio and DMX.
29 automatic programs + 4 audio programs.
Interface to select the modes and buttons to control it.
Dimensions: 270 x 270 x 260 mm.
Weight: 4,5 kg.