SolaWash FX 2000

Bright white FX LED wash with internal barndoor system

The new SolaWash FX 2000 features a 600W Bright White LED engine and unprecedented performance, making it among the most versatile and powerful automated luminaires to date from High End Systems. With 35,000 lumen output, the SolaWash FX 2000 features a Wash/Beam optical design, fixed Color Wheel plus CMY/CTO system, rotating Animation gobo wheel, 540 by 265 degree pan/tilt, iris, and two zoom modes, offering 5-45 degrees in Beam Mode and 10-50 degrees in Wash Mode. The fixture also includes High End Systems? patented thermal control software, ensuring that the fixture?s cooling system is as efficient as possible.

600W bright white LED engine
26.000 lumens 
Colour temperature 6.500K
70% luminous output / 50.000 hours
Fixture total power consumption 100 % | 800W

Beam mode 5° - 45° fast zoom
Wash mode 10° - 50° fast zoom
Linear wash (light & heavy)
Mechanical iris

CMY colour mixing
Linear CTO
Very fast & noisless internal barndoor system
Fixed colour wheel / 6 + open
Rotating gobo wheel  / 6 + open

Extremely smooth electronic dimming
Fan Modes: Normal | Continuous | Studio
Fast and quiet pan & tilt movement
(Pan: 540° | Tilt: 270°)
Battery buffer display
RDM compatible
DMX channels: 38

475 x 320 x 886 mm
Fixture 41 kg | Shipping 84 kg
Flight case included
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