1 white LED. 75W. 15/19 DMX channels

SIDIUS LED 80 is a moving head which adds a 75W white LED. This system offers a wide variety of effects and possibilities without the need of integrating an halogen lamp, which would rise the price, the heat generated and would shorten the lifetime of the LED. This moving head can be used through DMX with two different modes (15 or 19 channels), including colour wheel with 8 colour plus white, a rotative 7 gobo wheel, prism, focus, shutter and iris. Apart from DMX modes, SIDIUS LED 80 adds 4 automatic modes, 4 effect modes and a random pattern. Additionally, it has an interface with display and buttons to navigate through the menu which allows to configure and select functions such as axis inversion PAN/TILT, reset, starting address and function mode.

Its high quality step motors provide flowing and accurate movements in the axis as well as in the colour and gobe wheels. This moving head join all the functions and possibilities of the conventional lighting with its compact size, lightness and long lifetime.

Moving head with 75W white LED
15 or 19 DMX control channels (eligible)
9 additional automatic effects
12° beam angle
40500 Lux @ 1m
540/360° PANand 270° TILT
Colour wheel with 8 dichroic filters plus white
7 rotatives and interchangeable gobos
Rotative prism with 3 faces with adjustable speed
Endless focus with a 2 metres range
0-100% lineal dimmer
Lineal iris and shutter with variable speed
Strobe up to 1-18 flashes per second

Main supply:110-240V AC
Dimensions: 320 x240 x360 mm
Weight: 9.8 kg

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