PL 60 A

LED effects

This unit can be built to cover all kind of wall, ceiling surface in different patterns, in public places; it also can be used to guide people to where attention is. Like the entrance to the mail hall, lighting ups the stage where the speaker will be standing. In more relax environment, like lounge in clubhouses and the living room, etc. creating a new angle of interior decoration. It serves as compliment to interior fixtures and furniture.

LED bars are evenly fitted ti the stainless steel or aluminium casing. The PC cover in milky color allows to see the RB effect of the RGB bars. One controller unit can control up to 500 PL 60 A.


Low heating
Low energy consumption
Long services hours
Virtually no maintenance
Soft and even coloring.
In combination with the controller, users can design unique programs by their own.
Main supply: 230 AC 50 Hz.
Consumption: 34W.
LEDs x unit: 72.
Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 150 mm.

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