Nemesis 136 DMX

DMX controller

This hybrid console (conventional lights and robots) with reduced dimensions is a great solution for small/medium night clubs and mobile DJs.

Control capacity.

With 136 DMX channels, NEMESIS 136 DMX ensures the full control of 8 robots (16 channels each) and 8 exclusive channels for control and dimmer of conventional lighting. Both controls have their own section.

All the programs can be executed with the speed time defined by the internal memory, the speed fader, the MIDI interface or even with the audio synchronization system. For a better precision in PAN/TILT channel configuration, NEMESIS 136 DMX has an ergonomic joystick. The console provides fast access buttons to previously recorded scenes of robots and spots. Many robots can be controlled together for maximum convenience. The LCD display gets access to real-time information: it shows parameters and their current value.

Designed for mobile applications.

Internal memory of NEMESIS 136 DMX can store up to 96 programmable scenes for spots, 8 programs for robots and 6 for spots (up to 99 steps each). A slot for a 32 MB compact flash card allows storing or sending the information. Its rubber shock protection ensures that the console won´t suffer any damage during transport and live shows. It can also be fixed to a 19" rack.


Club Touring
136 DMX control channels.
8 robots, each one with up to 16 channels.
8 channels for conventional lighting.
96 programmable scenes for robots.
96 programmable scenes for spots.
8 programs for robots and other 6 for spots (with 99 steps each).
16/8 bit resolution for PAN/TILT movements.
Ergonomic joystick for PAN/TILT control.
Slot for 32 MB compact flash card.
Blackout function.
Memory against current failures.
Removable rubber shock protection.
MIDI interface.
Main supply: DC 9-15 V, 600 mA. (included power supply unit).
Dimensions (W x H x D): 495 x 188 x 88 mm.
Weight: 5 kg.

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