LED Effects

This compactbut powerfulmoving head adds 18 COB LEDs of 3W each one, diciding it into the three primary colours (RGB) in the same LED, what offers a homogeneous mix. Its high brightness allows to use it to replace conventional lighting, with an important reduction of consumption and heat and a longer lifetime of the product. Besides, considering that it is a mobile devices, it is suitable for many kind of applications.

Its high efficacy motors provide flowing and quiet movements. It has several working modes: DMX (with configuration for 11 channels), Auto (thanks to its internal programs and micro included), and Master/Slave. Among the included functions, stands out the possibility to control the speed of execution of the programs, inversion of PAN/TILT movements and the display, adjust of the colour temperature and strobe.

Every function and configuration can be selected using its interface which has access buttons to menu and a big display. It adds a double fixation system, allowing to place it in a truss or over the floor.


Club Touring

NumberofLEDs: 18 LEDs x 3W (RGB 3 in 1)
Control: DMX, Auto, Manualand audio (included micro)
DMX channels: 11 channels mode
Consumption: 55W
Main supply: AC 110-250V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 280 x 270 x 220 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg