MK 1600 LED

Moving head with fog machine

MK 1600 LED is a complete effects that integrates a moving head with a fog machine, like this, integrating booth effects, the possibilities as effects are huge, allowing place some unities continuously on the stage floor, on the truss or on the ceiling creating fantastic effects.

In the brightness part, the MK 1600 LED integrates 8W and RGB QUAD every one and in total are 10 LEDs. The device can be controlled via DMX (using 10 channels including the smoke shoot, the fixed colours section, mixes, strobe effects, dimmer and PAN and TILT control).
As well, the smoke shoot can be from the remote control.
The interface with buttons make able to control the device, adjusting functions as set up the Wireless control, create the start DMX channel or invert the PAN and TILT axis.
10 LEDs de 8W e.o. RGB QUAD.
Control: DMX (10 channels) remote control (smoke shoot).
Warm Up: 4 minutes.
Tank Capacity: 1.3 l.
Output: 20.000 cuft/min.
Power: 1600W.
Dimensions: 485 x 440 x 55 mm.
Weight: 17.5 kg.

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