LED scanner

The luminous exit is projected on an elliptical mirror with controlled movements.The device can be controlled using different ways that can be selected on the rear panel:

Master mode/slave, automatic programs execution, or using the sound from the internal microphone and DMX. IF we use DMX channels, the device has 9 DMX channels that allow control the PAN/TILT movements, colours lens, gobos, strobe, dimmer or internal programs selection.
The small size of the device doesn´t limit the light power and neither the control possibilities nor effects, being possible put different unities continuously, in spaces like pubs, bars, stages?
Creating amazing atmospheres without heat problems or lifespan of the lamp from traditional scanners.

  • Scanner LED (white color 54 W)
  • Color wheel: 8 colors + white.
  • Gobo wheel: 7 rotating gobos + spot.
  • Bidirectional gobo rotation and "shake" function.
  • Control modes: Automatic, audio and DMX.
  • Dimmer and strobo functions.
  • 14 executable programs in all modes.
  • Mode selection interface with screen and selection buttons.
  • Dimensions: 460 x 280 x 300 mm.
  • Weight: 5Kg.

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