LX 155 RGL

LASER Effects

This LASER effect has a red diode, a green DPSS LASER module and a 3W blue LED that, thanks to its lens,allow to create an homogeneous background whereit is possible to see an amaznig effect withup to 2000 LASER beams in 70 angles.

It has 2 working modes: activation by audio (thankt to the inner microphone) and Auto. Among the parameters that can be controlled, there are the rotation and direction of the LASER beams and blue LED. All these working modes and functions are set thanks to the dip-switches placed at the rear panel.


Club Touring
± 650 nm red diode, 100 mW
± 532 nm, green diode50 mW.
LED: blue colour, 3W.
Control modes: Audio, Auto.
Main supply: AC 20 V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 240 x 165 x 220 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg.