LX 100 RGB

LASER Effects

This LASER combines the power of its 3 beams with the creation of moving figures that can be load from the SDslot. It has 3 beams with the primary colours (RGB) capable of creating amazing designs. Thus, it is possible to make presentations of groups of 4 colours, including white, yellow, cyan and magenda, in addition to RGB.

It has 5 working modes accesible through buttons which are placed in the rear interface and showed in its display:

PRG and ILDA modes (default animation files loaded in the SD card).
Audio mode which controls the speed of the programs execution
Auto mode
DMX mode (13 DMX channels to mode control, rotation, zoom, primary colours and mixings, etc.).

The SD card is capable of managing up to 20 folders with up to 5000 ILDA files and 200 PRG programming files.


Club Touring
Red 650 mW @ 650 nm /
Green 150 mW @ 532 nm /
Blue 300 mW @ 450 nm.
Colours: RGB + mix (Cyan, yellow, purple, white).
Control modes: DMX (13 channels), Audio, Auto.
Main supply: AC 20 V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 445 x 330 x 200 mm.
Weight: 6,8 kg.