D 40K 3

12 channels dimmer

D 40 K3 is the new, high performance dimmer of WORK. It supports DMX and Analog signals, with 12 channels of 16 A each.

This is the evolution of the D 40 K2 model. It includes relevant improvements, like a new internal electronic and bi-pole magneto-thermal circuit breakers. In addition, listening to our customer needs, it now includes double shucko connectors per channel on rear panel.

Three programs are available (64 chases per program) to realize sequences and edit speed and channel intensity. Thanks to the advanced software for configuration, it is possible to patch each channel in an independent DMX address and edit parameters like pre-heat time, response curve, language, etc.

Because it supports analog signal, this dimmer is compatible with controllers featuring a 0-10V output; It can be controlled even without any lighting controller, using menu and trigger buttons available on each channel.

As far as electronics is concerned, it provides optimum results: its power circuit has been reinforced and includes powerful TRIACS, ensuring the best performances in any situation. Its rear panel has been designed to provide maximum versatility, featuring 24 schukos ( 2 per output). It also includes connectors of 3 or 5 pins for DMX inputs and outputs, as well as a sub 15 connector for analog input.


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12 output channels.
Bi-pole magneto-thermal circuit-breakers (16A each channel).
DMX 512 and analog (DC 0-10 V) signal input, possibility to operate with both signal types simultaneously.
LED indicators for output levels of each channel.
Temperature control by microprocessor.
DMX buffer for connection losses.
Programmable protection: configuration of each output with a maximum level to avoid sudden level variations that can affect load.
16x2 character LCD display.
Supported response curves: linear, quadratic, quadratic inverse, on/off.
Preheat level on each channel.
Slow start of lamps (4 seconds) to switch on dimmer at full load.
Mono-phase or Tri-phase mode (emergency operating mode in a unique phase).
Power frequency auto-adjustment between 47 and 63 Hz.
0-100% duty cycle.
Software avaliable in 4 languages: Spanish, English, German and French.

Output channels: 12.
Output current: 15 A /channel.
DMX input: XLR3 and XLR5.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 183.2 x 412 mm.
Weight: 18 kg.