Column speaker

CV 321 is a 20 W self-powered column speaker with wireless microphone. The amplifier circuitry provides 2 Mic/Line inputs and 1 Aux with its own volume and tone controls. It features a Rec output and vumeter.Made of aluminium and with an iron grill, it includes 4 full range speakers and tweeter. This provides a clear sound, being particularly adequate for churches and other public places.

Thanks to its features, it is possible to realize an installation just by using the speakers. Another solution is to use CSV 640 as main unit and connect several CSV 321 column speakers.


Elements: 4 x 5" woofer + 2 tweeter.
Power output: 20 W.
Frequency response: 100 Hz - 16 kHz.
S/N ratio: 45 dB.
IP range: 44.
Main supply: AC 220 V DC 12 V.
Weight: 9 kg.

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