BlueLine Digital

    Blueline Digital is a distributed audio system based on streaming using Ethernet. It is possible to transmitseveral channels (+ control) via Ethernet as data and with very low latency. It can be a simple transmissionfrom one point to another or to multiple points, but also a full multichannel system with control and alarmmanagement.

    Audio distribution over IP networksAudio distribution is based on transmission over IP networks. It is a cost-effectiveconcept, fast to install and easy to design. Thanks to the Plug&Play system, integratorsdo not need any technical knowledge about networks.

    The central system is IP, so it is possible to monitor the network to know at anytimeif a device of the system is not working properly. If something happens, a warningmessage is automatically sent to users in order to check the system.

    BlueLine Digital is also compatible with other public address systems. It can be usedto transport several channels through the network. It is possible to connect poweramplifiers with high output power which are designed for 100 V line installations.This is an opportunity to manage low and high voltage installations in a same audiosystem.

    Thanks to the channel modules, integrators can adapt Blueline Digital to the needsof the installations. This is very interesting because it gives integrators the opportunityto take advantage of an advanced system, without generating overcosts.A versatile, distributed audio system

    Possibility to manage the unit with mobile devices.Thanks to the OSC protocol, it is possible to remotely control BlueLine Digital Systemusing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This innovative solutionprovides better mobility to users, who can control the system from any part of theinstallation.