Stereo IP receiver

The BLR2 is a stereo receiver of a channel that along with the rest of products from the new range of BlueLine Digital. Thanks to its Ethernet ports, like the rest of the series it is possible to be controlled through the WorkCAD3 and transmit/play audio signals such as MP3 and PCM, in addition, it can work as WEB server and OSC control.


One-channel stereo IP receiver.
Automatic detection of MP3 encoding and PCM.
2 GPI (TTL 3V) and 2 GPO ports (Open Collector).
Remote control port with channel selection, signal level.
Output sensitivity -1.15 dBu (680mVrms).
WEB server and OSC control.
Power Supply by PoE or 12-24V DC
2 GPO ports on the frontal 
Reset, Next and Set buttons for an easy navigation control
Ethernet port 
Remote port for external control (BLC1)
Weight: 330 gr
Dimensions (WxHxD): 109x42x133 (mm)