100 FAN


This fan is controlled via DMX or using the Wireless remote control. Is an essential device in every place were used fog machines and light systems, because scatters the fog homogenously covering ample spaces fast and easily.

The speed of rotation can be controlled between 1 to 100%, and its design allows to put it everywhere, on the floor, face down or in truss.

It incorporates an interface with buttons, to control all the possible features of the device, using the manual way with the wireless remote control or via DMX. The control has 4 different buttons with to configure the speed.

Control ways: DMX (1 control channel) Wireless remote control.
Speed control: 1-100%.
Rotation Angle: 0 - 270°.
Power Supply: AC 230V /50-60Hz.
Dimensions: 443 x 250 x 470 mm.
Weight: 10.6 kg.

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