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ISE 2011: Equipson and Yamaha officially present WORKproCA. (15/02/2011)

The 2011 ISE trade show celebrated at the beginning of February in Amsterdam has been very special for Equipson.

First of all, the company officially announced WORKproCA, the new series of commercial audio products exclusively distributed by Yamaha Commercial Audio Europe. The first products of the series have been shown at Yamaha CA Europe booth. It includes ceiling speakers, installation loudspeakers, subwoofers, power amplifiers and amplifiers/mixers. Products acceptance was very good, as the series is competitively priced and designed for high quality installations on a budget.

The other news was the participation of the new BlueLine system as finalist of the InAVation Awards. This new concept designed by WORK engineers is an innovative multichannel, distributed audio system which only uses Cat5 cables. It allows designing a multichannel and multizone installation easily and in a very short time.

Obviously, other products also stood out during the trade show, such as the LightMouse series and especially the LM-3 system (Ethernet to DMX interface). The latter is particularly useful for older installations that cannot be physically modified: it provides DMX signal anywhere in a building.

This edition was a very positive experience for Equipson managers. The coherence between products and visitor needs, as well as the many projects of the brand for this new year, let understand that WORK is currently following the right way.